Church Administration

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Funding Request Forms

General Funding Request
Request funds for your church’s events and/or activities

Continuing Education
Apply for funds committed for pastors/staff and church leaders to continue their training for ministry while serving in DBC churches

Church Transitional Leadership & Support:
Seek funds to help churches who are in pastoral transition by assisting with expenses of having a transition interim pastor, training local churches for pastor search and transitional interim pastor training

Coaching and Peer Group Development:

Ask for funds to help pastors and church leaders to attend coach training workshops, develop peer group coaching communities across the Dakotas and help pastors and church leaders become certified coaches

Counseling Support:

Put in for funds to provide access and assistance in funding a Christian counselor to be available to pastors, church leaders, staff and families

Sabbatical Grant:

Solicit funds to allow pastors with at least a 5 year tenure with a 1-3 month sabbatical leave and provide supply preaching and pastoral care

Capital Improvement:

Petition for grants to assist with small improvement project or fill in gaps in financing large capital improvements

Church Planting Forms

Sponsor or Partner Church Interest

For churches interested in either sponsoring or partnering with a new church plant

Church Planter/ planting interest

For individuals interested in being a church planter or church planting team member

Church Planter covenant

Document for current NAMB/DBC church planters

namb church planter quarterly report

Site for current NAMB/DBC church planters to rill out their quarterly report

Dakota Missions Forms

Summer Mission Trip Interest:

For churches interested in a missions trip to the Dakotas

Summer Mission Team Request:
For DBC churches to request a summer mission team

Shower Trailer Request Form:
For DBC churches to request portable shower trailer

Summer Missionary Internship Application:
For students interested in serving a DBC church/ministry for part of the summer

Church Summer Intern Request:

For DBC churches desiring to host a summer missionary intern

Supply Preacher Application

For those who would like to be listed as a supply preacher within the Dakotas

Uniting churches across North and South Dakota to spread the gospel.