Discipleship Toolkit

Helping Churches Make Disciples Who Make Disciples

Welcome to our virtual discipleship toolbox. There are a multitude of resources available for use in discipleship. In following with our mission focus: “you can do it; we can help,” we want to offer some tools that you can use or adapt that will fit with your church’s vision to go and make disciples. This toolbox contains some samples of discipleship material you can use and information on other available resources that you can find online or through some of our partners. We have tried to include a brief description of each to help you decide what will fit your need. You will find, if you didn’t know already, that having available resources isn’t a problem. In fact, one can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. We want to help you find the path that fits your church.

No matter which resource(s) you pick, or if you decide to use these ideas to create your own, the most important thing is being intentional about making disciples. If you commit to make just one disciple a year who will go on to make just one disciple a year, in ten years your church would have over 500 new disciples for Christ. In less than one generation, we could reach every person in the Dakotas and make them a disciple (you can check my math if you don’t believe me).

Online Discipleship Resources