Capital Improvement Grant Request

The DBC Capital Improvement Grant Fund exists to provide grants to cooperating DBC churches. This fund is not intended to finance large capital improvements but to be of assistance with small improvement projects or to fill in gaps in financing large capital improvements.



1. The local church must be in active cooperation with the DBC to include:

• Submission of the current year’s ACP
• Contributed to the Cooperative Program and/or the Baker Mission Offering in the last calendar year.
• Affirms the latest version of the Baptist Faith and Message

2. Grants will be capped for each church at $5,000 per calendar year.

3. The church agrees to account for project expenses with appropriate receipts and return to the DBC any unspent money.



1. Complete application (electronic or paper) and submit to the DBC office with all requested documents to include:

• The Church Budget
• The most recent financial statement of the church
• Minutes from the business meeting in which the church requests the grant and agrees to the grant conditions

2. The DBC requires up to 60 days to process the grant and get approval from the Administrative Team.

3. Each grant will be approved by the Administrative Committee of the Executive Board. Notification of status of grant will be made in writing to the church.

4. All money given for a specific purpose for this grant must be used for the stated purpose in the application.


Criteria for Approving Capital Fund Grants: 

The DBC staff will assist the Admin Team by certifying whether the church meets the following conditions:

1. Principle of Good Cooperation (see DBC By-Laws Section 1.1a)

a. The church affirms the latest version of the Baptist Faith and Message
b. The church gave at least $500 to the Cooperative Program and/or the Baker Mission
Offering in the last calendar year.
c. The church submitted an Annual Church Profile for the current year
d. If the church has previously received grant funds, it complied with DBC conditions
for receiving assistance. (i.e.–returned unused money, provided receipts etc.)

2. Principle of Accountability and Transparency

a. The church will supply a copy of its annual budget
b. The church will agree to return to the DBC any unspent money
c. The church will account for project expenses by supplying receipts
d. Churches that fail to document expenditures will not be considered for future grants.

3. Principle of Promoting Healthy Practices

a. The church should contribute something to the project rather than depending on the
grant alone.
b. The church should articulate a rationale for how the grant helps them fulfill their Great
Commission task.

4. Principle of Prudential Wisdom

a. The admin team may informally consult with CRM in evaluating a request
b. The admin team may consider how often the church has applied for grant funds
c. The admin team may consider extraordinary circumstances such that a grant of more
than $5,000 may be recommended to the full Board for approval
d. The admin team may consider waiving any of the above requirements if a church
faces extraordinary circumstances making it difficult for the church to comply

Church Grant Form