Continuing Education Fund Form

This fund provides grants for pastors/staff and church leaders to continue their training for ministry while serving in Dakota Baptist Convention churches. These grants are not intended to cover the entire cost of tuition. The DBC anticipates that the recipient, their local church, or association might also help with tuition.

Conditions for grant:

  • The recipient must be a member in good standing of a cooperating DBC church.
  • The recipient must be recommended by his/her pastor or by his/her local church.
  • The recipient must be enrolled in an accredited Christian educational institution, either online or in residence.
  • Grants are limited to one course per semester.
  • Grants are limited to 1/2 the cost of one course.
  • Grants are limited to two grants per calendar year.

The convention will need 60 days to process, approve, and send tuition checks to the applicant or institution.