Interested in Church Planting?

Are you interested in being a Dakota Baptist Convention Church Planter or a Church Planting Team Member?

We believe that churches plant churches. This is the process for multiplying churches to plant churches in the Dakotas:

  1. Receive either a contact from a potential planter or a potential Sending Organization.
  2. If the contact is with a Sending Organization, then the following steps will be taken:
    • Identify location
    • Receive a plan from the church on a timeline and a ministry plan for that location.
    • If requested the DBC will meet with the sending organization to determine next steps.
    • Potential planters that are in the pipeline will be discussed with the sending organization, once the plan is received.
    • Discuss with Sending organization expectations from the Sending Organization and the DBC.
    • If NAMB funding is requested then once the Candidate is chosen then the individual will enter into the process with NAMB (process with application and assessment is approximately 6-9 months).
    • Once the candidate goes through the NAMB process and receives the letter with an official start date, then and only then do we recognize that person as a Church Planter in the Dakota Baptist Convention.Open Steps (click ‘+’ to open)
  3. If the potential planter contacts the Dakota Baptist Convention, then we will contact the potential planter with a phone call to determine the interest of how GOD is leading him to the Dakota’s. If it is determined that the person is ready for the next steps, then the following will take place:Open Steps (click ‘+’ to open)
    • We will send the appropriate line to the candidate to connect with NAMB.
    • Then the DBC will then monitor via the NAMB portal the process of the Candidate and will report also to the Sending organization.
    • When all elements of the application are completed then the candidate and his spouse (NO CHILDREN) will go to a 2 day assessment retreat with NAMB.
    • The Sending church or a representative from the DBC will accompany the candidates as an advocate for the Candidate.
    • All costs for the application online assessments, 2 day retreat and advocates travel will be the responsibility of the candidate and the sending church, unless otherwise agreed upon with the DBC.
    • Any further questions can be answered by the SDOM/Lead Church Planting Director.