About Us

Welcome from our Executive Director, a little about us, our team and our vision.


Welcome to the Dakota Baptist Convention web site.  We are excited about what God is doing in the Dakotas among the 90 churches that the Convention serves.  Our aim as a Convention is to assist our churches in starting new churches, sharing the Gospel, making disciples and building strong healthy churches for the glory of God.  Our posture toward the churches we serve is to say to them, “you can do it…we can help!”  I invite our churches and partners across the United States to join us as we work to help churches reach the Dakotas for God’s Glory!

About Us

In 1984, the Dakota Baptist Fellowship was formed out of what was then the Northern Plains Baptist Convention. For 30 years, Dakota Baptist Churches have worked together. In 2014, we celebrated our 30th Anniversary as a stand-alone Baptist family of churches.

Our Team

Vision for Next 2-4 Years

Published March 21, 2018

Together with God We Can!

In I Corinthians 3:9, Paul told the believers at Corinth that together they were God’s co-laborers. That is, together with God they can accomplish what he leads them to do!

In the next 2-4 years, we will be focusing on five things that I believe will help our churches, pastors and leaders.

1) We want to encourage pastors, leaders and their families as they minister in their churches. We plan to do this through coaching, peer groups, building community, offering counseling when needs arise assisting churches in giving their pastors sabbaticals and offering training and equipping. We desire that those who come to serve in the Dakotas will find family, nurture, enrichment and encouragement as they serve.

2) We want to strengthen churches through offering a process to church revitalization. We are looking for churches who would be willing to allow us to come alongside them and lead them in a process of revitalization that would follow a 5-step process – Prayer, Assessment, Customization, Implementation, Celebration.

3) We want to offer churches help as they walk through periods of leadership transition. We will offer assistance in finding transitional pastors who can help churches during those times when they are pastorless. We will be looking for opportunities to train pastors and lay people in the area of transitional pastoring. We will offer church training in how to search for a pastor.

4) We will continue to help churches plant churches as we partner with the North American Mission Board and the staff we share with them.

5) And last, we will move toward utilizing contract and volunteer workers to help us in our work across the two states. We will be looking for pastors and leaders who can assist churches in becoming stronger and more effective in the area of small groups, evangelism, discipleship, worship and age group ministries. This will be a way for us to shrink our geography and create more touches with our churches.

Our desire is to help our churches accomplish their mission and strategy. Our aim is not to say we can do it, you can help; but to say to each of our churches, you can reach your community, you can make a difference and we, the DBC, can help.

Let us help you!

-Garvon Golden, Interim Executive Director/Treasurer