Request a Summer Mission Team

The Dakota Baptist Convention hears from groups all around the United States who would like to help churches and ministries in the Dakotas over the summer.  Opportunities that you might want to consider include:  block parties, neighborhood surveys, church repairs, VBS or backyard clubs, youth retreat, or neighborhood clean-up.  The opportunities are limited only by your imagination.  

Before deciding on a summer mission project, you will need to choose someone to head up the project.  That person will become the point of contact between the church and the mission team.  That does not mean that the lead has to do everything – just be responsible for making sure communication lines remain open between the church and the mission team.

The Dakota Baptist Convention can help you plan and coordinate a summer mission project at your church – just give us a call (605.716.0130)!

The Dakota Baptist Convention is here to help you and your church succeed.  There are many aspects that must be looked at when bringing in a mission team.  It can be a daunting task.  If you have not been the head of bringing in a mission team or would like to just freshen up on what needs to be considered, the Dakota Baptist Convention is willing to help.

If you have any questions filling out this form or about summer mission team, please call Paul O’Dell at 605.716.0130 or Buck Hill at 605.354.4101.