Summer Intern Request

Is your church interested in helping a student find his or her calling? Your church can disciple a student age 16-21 during a two to six week period over the summer.

Qualifications for Church Plants and Existing Churches to Request Summer Missionaries:

  • Your church must be in good standing with the Dakota Baptist Convention:This means (a) agreement with the mission of the Dakota Baptist Convention and (b) agreement with the Baptist Faith and Message (2000)
  • Your church must give to the cooperative program on a regular basis
  • Your church has a plan for the use of this summer missionary / missionaries.  This plan must cover work for your summer missionaries for their term of service. A DBC staff member will contact you for additional details or clarification regarding this plan.  (Note: Your church can partner with another church / churches to use these summer missionaries.  The missionaries are expected to work 5 days a week with time off for each missionary each week.  A copy of this plan must be submitted with your church request.)
  • Your church has a burden and vision to reach men, women, boys and girls with the love of Christ Jesus.  Your church is committed to evangelism and its practice among your congregation and your community at large.  (It is expected that teaching evangelism and practicing evangelism will be a large part of any work of our Summer Missionaries)
  • Your church is committed to discipleship and its practice among the believers in your congregation and others who may be visiting your church.  (It is expected that your church will work to disciple each of your summer missionaries)
  • Your church must agree to work with the designated D.B.C. staff member.  The D.B.C.’s Executive Director will determine the staff member.
  • Churches will be responsible for lodging and meals.
  • Your church agrees to use the assigned summer missionary in a safe environment.
  • Your pastor or designated staff member / elder will attend the two-day orientation and training process at the start of the summer term.

Please fill out the below form if you church would like to host a summer missionary internship.