Capital Improvement Grant Request

The DBC Capital Improvement Grant Fund exists to provide grants to cooperating DBC churches.  This fund is not intended to finance large capital improvements but to be of assistance with small improvement projects or to fill in gaps in financing large capital improvements.  Examples of uses of this fund include but are not limited to:

  • property acquisition
  • new construction
  • remodeling
  • major repairs and/or improvements to buildings, grounds, parking lots, and mechanical plants
  • major furnishings


  1. The local church must be in active cooperation with the DBC to include:
    • Current year’s ACP has been submitted
    • Church participates in cooperative program giving
  2. The fund will be capped for each grant at $5,000.


  1. Complete application (electronic or paper) and submit to the DBC office with all requested documents to include:
    • Church Budget
    • Two to three months of most recent financial statements of the church
  2. The DBC requires 60 days to process the grant and get approval from the Executive Board.
  3. Each grant will be approved by the Administrative Committee of the Executive Board. Notification of status of grant will be made in writing to the church.
  4. All money given for a specific purpose for this grant must be used for the stated purpose in the application.

Either fill out the form below or download and complete the following hard copy: