Thoughts on a New Year

One great gift God has given us in the new year is purpose.  He has a plan for all the peoples He has created, and He has revealed to us His plan in the Scripture.  From the call to Abraham in Genesis that promised he would be a blessing to all people, to the vision of people from every tribe and language worshipping in Revelation, Scripture is filled with the recurring theme of God’s heart for each one of us.  

As we enter a new year, I thought I’d share a few of the facts and stats about the world right now, that might help us see how we can be a part of sharing His glory among the nations.

  • As it stands right now, North Americans spend about the same on Halloween costumes for their pets as we do for outreach to the unreached peoples of the world.1
  • 76% of the folks who attend church with us have either never heard of the Great Commission or do not know what it means.2
  • Over 2500 languages globally still lack a Bible translation available in those languages.3
  • 87% of Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims around the world do not have even one Christian friend. 4

What can we do this year to be part of addressing those facts?  I think it’s a wonderful time to ask ourselves questions like:

Should I reevaluate my missions giving?  Am I giving to missions at all?

Can I teach the Great Commission to one person this year?  Do I need to start teaching 

in our church’s children or youth ministry in order to do that?

Has God put a Hindu, Buddhist, or Muslim in my life that I could befriend?

What goal should my church set for Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (and to the Annie Armstrong Offering and Baker State Offering too) giving in the coming year?

Should I start praying for unreached people groups? 

Is it time for me to go on a mission trip to the unreached world?

Is God calling me to the unreached world for long-term service?

Whatever God is leading us to do, there is blessing in obedience.  We have a plan and a mandate, and we have a brand-new year lying ahead of us. Praise God He has given us purpose!

On that note, Pastors, I have a request for you.  If your church set giving goals of any kind for our LMCO, or had any type of LMCO emphasis, I would love to hear from you.  I’d like to be able to compile what we all did together and share with the Dakotas how we have joined in to support our IMB workers all over the world.  You can write me at, and even the most basic facts or numbers are appreciated.  Thank you for serving our churches and communities in the Dakotas and around the world!

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