DiscipleMaker Stages – Resource Spotlight

I want to take today’s post to spotlight one of the resources from the toolkit that are available here on the website. The DiscipleMaker Stages app and now a website with an online assessment that we are adding to the toolkit.

These tools have been produced by our partners in Canada and I highly recommend them to you as a valuable resource for making disciples in your place of ministry. This week I got a chance to visit with several folks who are using this tool in ministry and making disciples and their stories were powerful and inspiring ones of God’s work in the lives of people amidst the messiness of life and discipleship. One of the big takeaways I got from our time this week is that if we are making disciples, we will have stories of how God is at work. 

I want to encourage you to take a look at this resource and see if it fits within your strategy for making disciples. If you aren’t sure, or would like to talk more about how to develop your strategy, evaluate your strategy, or adapt this tool or one of our others to work within your context and strategy; contact me by phone or email and let’s get together to make a plan. Together we will see the story that unfolds in the lives of those we disciple.