Funding Request Forms

General Funding Request Form

This form is designed to streamline the process of requesting funds for your church from the Dakota Baptist Convention (DBC).  Please take the time to fill the form out completely.

Understand, the more information about your event you can give, helps us greatly in our response to your request.  Please state as clearly as you can your reason(s) for the request.  Share clearly how your request relates to strengthening your church or sharing the Gospel or church planting activity.  If it is an evangelistic or outreach or church planting event, share as clearly as you can how you will conduct follow-up with this event / activity.

Continuing Education Fund

The Continuing Education Fund for Pastors/Staff and Church Leaders is a fund committed to give grants for pastors/staff and church leaders to continue their training for ministry while serving in Dakota Baptist Convention churches.   These grants are not intended to cover the entire cost of tuition.  The DBC anticipates that the recipient, their local church, or association might also help with tuition.

Conditions for grant:

  1. The recipient must be a member in good standing of a cooperating DBC church.
  2. The recipient must be recommended by his/her pastor or by his/her local church.
  3. The recipient must be enrolled in an accredited Christian Educational Institution, either online or in residence.
  4. Grants are limited to one course per semester.
  5. Grants are limited to 1/2 the cost of a course.
  6. Grants are limited to two grants per calendar year.

The convention will need 60 days to process, approve and send tuition checks to the applicant or institution.  The requests for grants will be approved by the DBC staff and Chairman of the Executive Board and reported back to the Executive Board when grant is approved.

Church Transitional Leadership & Support Fund

The purpose of this fund is to help churches who are in pastoral transition by assisting with expenses of having a transition interim pastor, assist in training local churches for pastor search, coach churches in best practices for pastor search and provide training for pastors and church leaders interested in becoming transitional interim pastors.

Guidelines for this fund:

  1. Upon receipt of a request form a state staff member will contact the church and set up a meeting to work out details of the request.
  2. The church and state staff person will develop a plan for transition, determine needs for an interim pastor, assist the church in locating an interim and determine the level of support needed.
  3. This fund can help with interim pastor salary and or housing. The expectation is that the church will provide financial support if possible.
  4. Once a plan and support levels are determined, the Executive Director will submit request to the Administrative Committee of the Board for approval and report to the Board at the next Board meeting.

The Executive Director will lead the staff in planning and and arranging transitional interim pastor training.  He will also determine and plan pastor search consultant training.

Coaching & Peer Group Development Fund

The purpose of this fund is to help pastors and church leaders to become certified coaches in the Dakotas, fund introductory coaches training workshops and develop peer group coaching communities across the Dakotas.

If you are applying for funds to begin the process of becoming a certified coach, please do the following:

  1. Submit a request for funds using the special funds request form (button below).
  2. Please follow the request by emailing the office,, written proof or invoice that you have registered for certified coaching training through Blackaby International.
  3. Be aware that by receiving a grant to become a certified coach, you are agreeing to use your coaching skills and passion for the DBC without charge.
  4. All who apply for the grant to pursue certification must first attend a spiritual coaching workshop led by Blackaby International.
  5. Everyone who is involved in the certification process is encouraged to be a part of a peer coaching group.
  6. Approval for coaching certification grants will be submitted by the Executive Director to the Administrative Committee of the Board for approval and reported to the Executive Board at the next Board meeting.

Funds used for Peer Group Coaching and for Spiritual Coaching Workshops will be distributed at the Executive Director’s discretion as peer groups are created and begin to meet and as Spiritual Coaching Workshops are planned.

Counseling Support Fund

The purpose of this fund is to provide access and assistance in funding for a Christian counselor to be available to pastors, church planters, staff and families.  It also is to bring a counselor to the Dakotas to consult, lead workshops in churches and associations, both regionally and state-wide.

The fund is to help financially with the cost of counseling based on financial need utilizing a sliding scale.

Guidelines for this fund:

  1. When a pastor, church planter, staff or family member indicates through the below form, phone call or personal request his desire for a counselor, a confidential request form will be mailed to him.
  2. The form will be directly submitted to the Christian counselor with the counselor being responsible for contacting the person requesting help.
  3. If the person requesting help has a counselor he or she prefers, the DBC Executive will contact the individual and assistance will be arranged.
  4. The DBC will cover the cost of four sessions with a counselor and consider more at the recommendation of the counselor.
  5. After four sessions, the counselee will be asked to assume some part of the cost for counseling on a sliding scale to be determined by financial need.
  6. Any counseling assistance provided will be approved by the chairman and vice-chairman of the Executive Board upon recommendation of the Executive Director.  Names will be shared in strictest confidence.

Sabbatical Grant Fund

The purpose of this fund is to assist DBC churches in allowing their pastors to take a 1-3 month sabbatical leave.  It will provide assistance in providing supply preaching and pastoral care in the pastor’s absence.  It will also coach the pastor and church in developing a sabbatical plan.

Guidelines for this fund:

  1. In the request form please give reasons for the sabbatical, its length and the help you are requesting. Please indicate the date the church voted to approve the sabbatical.
  2. A State Convention staff member will contact the church and set up a meeting to determine the level of help needed and to assist the pastor and church in developing a Sabbatical leave plan.
  3. The Executive Director will submit the request to the Administrative committee of the Executive Board along with a sabbatical plan. The Committee will approve and report the approval to the Executive Board at the next meeting.
  4. The Convention will help with cost of pulpit supply or sabbatical interim. In special circumstances the Convention will help with travel costs for the pastor during his sabbatical leave on a limited basis.
  5. Sabbatical leave assistance will be available to pastors who have a tenure in their present ministry of at least 5 years.

Capital Improvement Grant Fund

The DBC Capital Improvement Grant Fund exists to provide grants to cooperating DBC churches.  This fund is not intended to finance large capital improvements but to be of assistance with small improvement projects or to fill in gaps in financing large capital improvements.  Examples of uses of this fund include but are not limited to:

  • property acquisition
  • new construction
  • remodeling
  • major repairs and/or improvements to buildings, grounds, parking lots, and mechanical plants
  • major furnishings

Click below for guidelines and an application for the Capital Improvement Grant Fund:

Capital Improvement Grant Guidelines PDF
Application for Church Grant